Consumers 'demand user-friendly applications'

24 August 2009 — 2:00 PM

The HTC Hero is one gadget that has access to online applications

People recycling mobile phones for replacement devices could be doing so to get access to more user-friendly applications, if one expert's comments are to be believed.

According to Matt Bancroft of TMCNet, recent reports have suggested the popularity of personalised facilities and downloadable widgets to make life easier has soared.

He suggested this may be because of a growing desire from consumers to have more interactive technology and the increasing ability of manufacturers to supply it.

However, Mr Bancroft went on to note it was important for these firms to continue to address such requirements.

"The challenge for the mobile industry may actually be less about the technical complexities and more about building a mindset and culture that focuses on meeting end-user expectations," he added.

Apple's iPhone 3G, as well as the Google Android-powered T Mobile G1, HTC Magic and HTC Hero all have access to an online applications store.

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