Green gadget shopping 'could encourage further innovation'

24 August 2009 — 10:03 AM

The Arena was announced earlier this year

Plans to encourage consumers to shop for greener technology could encourage further innovation, it has been advised.

According to a spokesman from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which recently called on the government to consider such a move, making such gadgets cheaper will force firms to be more competitive.

In news that may inspire those recycling mobile phones, BRC press officer Krishan Rama said reducing carbon emissions would be made easier if people could be convinced to make eco-friendly purchases.

He added the long-term viability of cutting VAT on such gadgets was still being considered, but noted one knock-on effect of this could be a greener focus from manufacturers.

"[They] will further develop their technology and they'll try and compete for that energy-saving recommended performance," he added.

LG's KM900 Arena was recently named Green Mobile Phone 2009-10 at the European Imaging and Sound Association Awards.

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