Mobile TV 'can now be supported by devices'

26 August 2009 — 5:00 PM

Watching TV on a mobile could get more popular

The number of people recycling mobile phones for a model equipped with TV access could grow, if one expert is to be believed.

A spokesman for Techwatch, an online publication which carries news and information on digital services and other consumer electronics, said such a facility could be popular in the future.

Brian Turner, executive editor of the site, said free-to-air analogue mobile TV has yet to be a success because support for the platform is only just coming into its own.

"The surge in features and apps for mobile devices is increasingly turning them into portable PCs. This means video features are increasingly integral to mobile usage," he added.

A recent study conducted by Telegent Systems and independent market research firm In-Stat revealed that mobile TV services could see growth of up to 600 per cent by 2013.

This would mean as many as 300 million people would be using their handsets to keep up with their favourite shows.

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