Voters cite "graphics and sound" as gaming essentials

26 August 2009 — 9:57 AM

Nokia's range offer access to N-Gage gaming

Those recycling mobile phones for a new gaming-focused handset may be interested in the results of a new poll.

Nokia Conversations asked its readers to vote on what they believed the most important feature on such a device would be, with 46 per cent of respondents opting for "great graphics and sound".

Site contributor Mike commented on this figure by stating such facilities were a "core and age-old gaming requirement" alongside gameplay, although he did admit a penchant for titles that were less concerned with how they look.

"I still love the retro classics, such as Tetris and PacMan and can get just as immersed when playing that sort of game on the move," he concluded.

The second place vote went to access to a sizeable catalogue of games (16 per cent) followed by good controls (nine per cent), multiplayer options and "other" (five per cent).

Access to Nokia's N-Gage platform, big screens, long battery life, big titles, compatibility, price, numeric keypads and Java support rounded out the list.

The site recently conducted a similar poll for music-focused mobiles - which saw battery life come out on top.

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