'Up to 100 million' phones to be recycled in 2009

28 August 2009 — 12:19 PM

More phones could be heading to the recycling plant

The popularity of mobile recycling has been highlighted by figures which reveal that as many as 100 million handsets are to be recycled this year.

These estimates, provided by US TV channel KOCO, mean that large amounts of precious metals can be extracted and reused as the devices are crushed and stripped.

Electronics recycling firm HOBI International stated that it deals with processing around three million devices annually.

The firm added that data protection also forms an important part of the mobile phone recycling procedure, as many handsets still contain personal information and contact details.

As such, HOBI International president Craig Boswell stated that phone users can do their bit to facilitate the process by ensuring they destroy their SIM card or reset the device before recycling it.

This comes after research conducted by online intelligence service Hitwise earlier this year revealed that UK internet searches for mobile phone recycling services have increased by 189 per cent in the last year.

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