Mobile recycling recommended for going green

1 September 2009 — 10:00 AM

Recycling a phone for cash can be lucrative

Mobile recycling has been recommended as one of the things consumers can do to be a bit greener in everyday life.

A recent article for the Guardian looked at what proportion of CO2 emissions can be saved in the area of electronics and said handsets are usually packed full of components that take a lot of energy to manufacture.

However, by buying second-hand mobile phones and ensuring that each year three consumer electronic devices are recycled, 0.3 tonnes of CO2 can be saved, the newspaper said.

"The simple rule is - buy less stuff, keep it longer and then ensure it is properly recycled."

When a phone goes through this process, all of the separate parts are dismantled and those that can be recycled are done so, while those that need to go to landfill are disposed of properly to ensure no harmful chemicals leak or damage the environment.

Other tips included switching from a desktop computer to a laptop and sharing a car to the office, as well as spending one day a week working from home to cut down on transport emissions.

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