Expert welcomes all green efforts

2 September 2009 — 2:00 PM

The comments follows a report considering the benefits of fake trees

Any efforts to help tackle climate change are a step in the right direction, one expert has commented.

A spokeswoman for the Tree Council explained initiatives which reduce the amount of carbon emissions that get out into the atmosphere should be encouraged - which may inspire those in two minds over recycling mobile phones.

Margaret Lipscombe, director of urban programmes at the charitable group which promotes environmental sustainability, said recent research into the use of artificial trees was just one way science was making moves to aid the planet.

She noted: "Every effort that scientists and government make to get us out of the pickle that we're in is wonderful," adding these efforts could provide us "extra time while we start to use less [energy] and start to be more responsible".

Ms Lipscombe's comments follow a report from experts at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which suggested climate change could be tackled with mechanical trees and specially-grown algae.

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