Mobile fitness popularity 'due to cost and portability'

2 September 2009 — 9:58 AM

Keeping fit could be easier with the right mobile technology

People recycling mobile phones for the latest handsets could be among those turning to their device to keep fit.

A spokesman for, a website which provides news and reviews on the newest technologies, said more people were opting for smartphone applications as an alternative to dedicated sports equipment.

Richard Sharp, founder of the portal, said this was because for some these facilities were more cost-effective, while having the option of portability was also noted.

"The average sports application costs a fraction of going out and buying a dedicated device and it can all be used from one device. This saves money and also means you only have to carry one gadget whilst exercising," he added.

Recent figures from ABI Research found such hardware was struggling in terms of sales, while the opposite was true of smartphone fitness applications - which saw 1.2 million downloads in 2009.

Nokia is just one company that provides such a system with the Sports Tracker software, the firm also has an N79 Active package that comes with a Polar heart rate monitor.

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