Study highlights gadget-loving mums

4 September 2009 — 10:05 AM

Mums were found to be pretty gadget-savvy

A new study has looked at how mums "rule the roost" at home when it comes to gadgets.

In research which may inspire more mobile recycling, O2 discovered female parents were coming out on top in a number of areas when it came to home electronics.

The number of "gadget-loving active mums" (Glams) using Facebook was found to be 76 per cent, while 58 per cent said they use Skype on a regular basis.

It was found 56 per cent have control of the TV and 66 per cent tend to programme recording equipment like Sky+.

Alistair Johnston, O2's marketing director, said it was clear the growing number of Glams was indicative of a wider use of modern mobile phones and other gadgets to make home life easier.

"The ability to communicate, organise and marshal their family through technology has become a must-have for many mothers," he added.

Consumers looking to recycle mobile phones for the latest organisational hardware may wish to invest in the O2 Joggler, a device which was launched earlier this year.

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