Tempting new gadgets are "weird and wonderful"

8 September 2009 — 10:10 AM

Gadget manufacturers are continually coming up with new ideas

There have been some great new gadgets released this year that one expert has suggested may be thanks to one manufacturer.

According to a spokeswoman for Stuff.tv, the firm behind the Apple iPhone 3G has forced companies to up the ante in terms of design and this has led to a slew of interesting ideas.

Those recycling mobile phones may find there are plenty of ways to spend their cash and Linsey Fryatt, editor of the consumer technology site, said these choices are "weird and wonderful".

She explained: "A lot more thought and consideration [has gone] into the design of gadgets what they look like, how the interface works, just how good they look in general."

However, Ms Fryatt also noted the recession may have forced smaller companies to take fewer risks with their products.

The comments follow the publication of the Microsoft Tech To Impress Report which showed 43 per cent of UK consumers would opt for stylish technology rather than an item of clothing.

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