Green peripherals for eco-friendly phone users

9 September 2009 — 2:00 PM

The charger is designed to use less power than traditional methods

Those with environmental concerns - which could include those recycling mobile phones - have been advised on some new handset peripherals that have been launched.

Sprint has claimed its latest line of chargers and cases are designed with the green consumer in mind as they are built to be conscious of energy use and carbon emissions levels.

The All-In-One Vehicle and Wall Charger, for example, joins the company's Solio solar-powered option in providing a USB-enabled battery solution that limits waste by meeting strict efficiency guidelines.

Ralph Reid, vice-president of corporate social responsibility for Sprint, said the firm was keen to continue its commitment to having the largest number of eco-friendly accessories available in certain markets.

"We are pleased to offer [our] customers greener options for their wireless devices," he added.

Sprint also offers a wide selection of Bluetooth headsets which may interest those seeking cash for an unwanted, used mobile phone.

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