Recycling study 'could boost the industry'

11 September 2009 — 2:00 PM

Glass was the focus of the recycling study

Those recycling mobile phones for environmental reasons may be pleased to hear the results of a new study.

Published by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap), the research looked at the number of consumers happy to support eco-friendly initiatives that reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Conducted alongside Sainsbury's, the report showed that the discoloration created in recycled glass was not something that would put off consumers shopping for food items packaged in this way.

It was noted that these findings could encourage manufacturers to invest in such options, meaning less glass needs to be sent to waste sites.

Marcus Gover, director of market development at Wrap, said: "This is good news for the recycling industry … [which] in turn may provide the impetus to divert more of this glass away from landfill and secondary markets."

Of course, recycling mobile phones with envirofone is another way in which such materials - as well as plastics, lead and other harmful chemicals - can be saved from being buried in the earth.

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