Phone recycling news: Apple iPhone "invigorated the market"

14 September 2009 — 5:00 PM

The iPhone also boasts a wide selection of games from the App Store

Consumers who want to generate some money to put towards an iPhone could find recycling their handset is the most sensible way to do this.

The Apple handset was discussed recently by Windsor Holden, principal analyst for Juniper Research.

He said the gadget had impacted the smartphone market in a significant way and made them user-friendly for consumers, as opposed to being a tool only relevant to businesses.

Indeed, other manufacturers have based their latest models on the Apple product, Mr Holden stated.

"People like Samsung, people like Nokia ... a lot of their new phones are based on touchscreen devices very similar or with significant similarities to the user interface of the iPhone," he remarked.

The comments follow recent research which found six per cent of people think access to different applications is the most important aspect they consider when buying a new handset.

In the last year, the average app user has spent a total of £9 on them.

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