LG joins the Android party

14 September 2009 — 10:08 AM

LG has joined the new rush of Android phones

LG is the latest manufacturer to provide those recycling mobile phones with a new Google Android-based option.

The South Korean manufacturer joins others such as HTC and, more recently, Samsung and Motorola in launching a model that is equipped with the search company's dedicated operating system.

It was revealed the LG-GW620will be a smartphone that will join an upcoming trio of new devices - although these will run using Microsoft's Windows Mobile software.

A three-inch touchscreen, slide-out qwerty keypad, social networking functionality and design aesthetic the firm said is "consumer-friendly" while remaining suitable for professional user, are among the features which may also appeal.

Dr Skott Ahn, president and chief executive officer of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said the group was keen to provide as wide a range as possible.

"This Android phone is just one of many smartphone models we plan to introduce worldwide in the years ahead," he added.

Samsung's galaxy and Motorola's CLIQ are two other Android-based devices that have been announced in recent weeks.

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