Expert predicts Android-powered RAZR

15 September 2009 — 5:00 PM

Would Motorola consider a new RAZR?

The future of Motorola has been discussed by one industry expert - who has predicted a revisit to one of the manufacturer's past models.

Editor of Mobile Gazette Conrad Longmore said this week the launch of the company's first Google Android-powered device was a positive step for the firm that could lead the way for new innovations.

He explained that alongside Motorola's new user interface, there could be some interesting times ahead - especially if the handset makers back catalogue of devices was revisited.

"They also said that one other MOTOBLUR handset should be out this year, with new devices due in 2010. Perhaps they might actually come up with an Android-powered RAZR," Mr Longmore suggested.

He also reminded consumers that the popularity of the iPhone had taken some time to grow and now it was up to Motorola to emulate this success with its latest model.

The first mobile to come with the MOTOBLUR user interface will be the DEXT - which was unveiled by the firm on September 10th.

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