Motorola DEXT 'offers more than new hardware'

15 September 2009 — 10:01 AM

The DEXT joins other Motorola devices like the W7

Those recycling mobile phones in favour of a handset from Apple may have their heads turned by Motorola's latest innovation, it has been advised.

A spokesman for Mobile Gazette, an online publication which specialises in news and reviews on the latest 3G devices, said the manufacturer's recently announced DEXT device was worthy of note.

Conrad Longmore, editor at the site, explained that in launching the model, Motorola had put together something very special - but this is not down to the gadget itself.

"I think the danger with the DEXT is to look at it just as a piece of hardware. I think the real story is MOTOBLUR, which provides all the back-end services, such as real-time backups, applications and integration," he advised.

The expert went on to say that the level of attention the Apple iPhone received was due to its abilities as a mobile that had more to offer and this was something the DEXT was capable of thanks to the MOTOBLUR user interface.

Motorola's new model uses the Google Android operating system and was announced by the firm last week.

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