Expert advises: Recycle sooner rather than later

17 September 2009 — 5:00 PM

The newer the the phone, the more cash you may receive

One expert has advised on how recycling mobile phones and other electrical items can be beneficial to everyone involved.

A spokesman for the Centre for Earth Systems Engineering and Management at Arizona State University explained that the quicker people hand over their unwanted items, the more useful they can be.

Commenting on the United Nation's Solving the E-Waste Problem initiative, Ramzy Kahhat said: "It's vitally important … to get unwanted devices into re-use before they get too old and damaged to be re-conditioned."

In addition, executive secretary of the globally-backed project Ruediger Kuehr said it was vital for everyone to have access to proper facilities for the disposal of unwanted gadgets.

Consumers with used mobile phones can trade them in for cash with envirofone and will be safe in the knowledge that the devices will not be sent to landfill where they can pollute the Earth.

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