Cash incentives 'help encourage eco responsibility'

17 September 2009 — 2:00 PM

Mobile recycling could help pay for a greener gadget

Getting people to engage in eco-friendly activities is made all the easier when they are given the right reasons, one expert has suggested.

A spokesman for, a site that specialises in environmentally-friendly properties and developments, noted financial incentives - such as those involved in mobile recycling - can get people involved.

Gordon Miller, founder of the portal, said it is important for the government to realise that if they want the public to act in a more sustainable manner, they need to back campaigns to help them through the recession.

"The overwhelming majority of people are motivated by money rather than environmental issues, especially in these tough economic times. But if people can see that they will save money … they will act," he added.

Of course, for those looking to upgrade their handset, one way to help help the planet and generate cash is to recycle mobile phones.

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