Your new phone - what does it say about you?

17 September 2009 — 10:04 AM

The BlackBerry Storm is the firm's only touchscreen model

Consumers recycling mobile phones may like to learn what their new handsets say about their personality.

A study has considered the responses of over 1,000 people in a recent poll and configured various profiles on what traits can be attributed to the most-desired devices currently on the market.

The survey revealed the most in-demand model was the Apple iPhone 3G with 76 per cent of the vote - a mobile found to reflect the cool of its user.

However, the range of BlackBerry handsets topped their smartphone rival by being selected as the most professional option, which the site suggested showed its users could be seen as workaholics.

The Nokia 3210 was listed as the most nostalgic of models with 89 per cent and LG was found to be the manufacturer that produces the most "girly" mobiles - with 61 per cent in agreement.

Neil McHugh, managing director of the site, said: "In today's society, your mobile phone can say as much about you as the way you dress. Your mobile phone is viewed as much of a statement as your car."

The current BlackBerry range includes the Storm, Curve and Pearl.

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