Omnia Pro duo 'help keep a work-life balance'

18 September 2009 — 5:00 PM

The phones could help those with a busy lifestyle

Samsung expanded its line up this week with four new models it hopes will tempt buyers - including those recycling mobile phones.

However, two of these devices fall under the same PRO moniker and have been designed for users that need a gadget to cope with both their business and home lives.

The Omnia PRO B7610 and B7330 come equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, although the former users the Professional version while the latter uses Standard.

Both offer HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0 and W-Fi connectivity - although the B7610 is the more powerful of the pair - and a hybrid touchscreen qwerty keyboard is included for messaging and email use.

Launched in October the B7610 and B7330 join the new Omnia II and LITE models, which Samsung Mobile's vice-president in the UK and Ireland Mark Mitchinson said were all "high performance".

He added they were "a compelling choice for anyone that wants a device that brings both their work and personal life together".

The group recently announced a sponsorship deal with Harlequins Rugby Club.

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