Dual-sim mobile device debate sparked by poll

21 September 2009 — 5:00 PM

Do you use more than one sim?

Dual-sim mobiles could be an option for consumers that carry a number of used phones just for the different tariffs they subscribe to, it has been suggested.

Following the launch of a new poll to discover just how many handsets the average person carries, Nokia Conversations has looked at the market for devices that are able to host two separate network options.

It explained that so far the response to the survey "has been great", but it has also reignited the debate about how dual-sim mobile could be beneficial for some.

One reader from Turkey was singled out for his comment that offered a specific reason as to why he feels the need to carry more than one device.

He explained having a pre-paid and pay-as-you-go card allows him to have separate options for work and personal calls.

"If you are buying a new phone to carry two phones, it creates an unnecessary waste of resources, besides inconvenience. A dual-sim phone would have done the same job with less harm to the nature and with less cost," the reader added.

Such a model would also allow the two defunct models to be recycled, which could even help pay for the new gadget.

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