Sony Ericsson launches 'smart headphones'

23 September 2009 — 5:00 PM

The 'phones could be teamed up with a W995 Walkman device

Sony Ericsson has launched some new headphones that may interest music lovers looking to put their mobile recycling cash to good use.

The company - which has a wide selection of audio-focused devices available in its Walkman-branded line - said the peripheral could change the way people listen to tunes on-the-go.

It explained this is because the Sony Ericsson MH907 earbuds are equipped with new technology that makes them the world's first motion-activated headphones.

The in-ear speakers automatically stop the music when one bud is taken out and reinstate it as soon as it is replaced - which could make them useful when a call needs to be taken.

Commenting, Sony Ericsson's senior vice-president of accessories Jacob Sten said: "With the MH907 consumers can pocket their phone but still stay connected all day, every day by simply plugging in or removing their earbuds."

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