More groups onboard cost-cutting campaign

23 September 2009 — 10:02 AM

Saving cash is a big concern for many in the current economic climate

Those looking to save money by recycling mobile phones may welcome the latest announcement regarding the Terminate the Rate (TtR) campaign.

Backed by a number of companies including 3 Mobile and BT, the initiative aims to lower the amount charged when operators connect to other networks - fees that are passed on to the customer.

Now it seems the push has increased in momentum, as it was announced this week that 4Children, the Institute of Money Advisors (IMA), Crossroads Care and are now also supporting TtR.

Claire McCarthy, director of public affairs for family charity 4children, said it is important people are able to keep in touch with distant or elderly relatives and excessive telephone charges relate directly to limiting this.

According to IMA executive director Caroline Siarkiewicz, the move could aid the poorer members of society it aims to help.

In addition, chief executive of Crossroads Care Anne Roberts said the initiative could benefit carers and their patients, while founder Jasmine Birtles said it was about time "greedy mobile phone companies" were stopped.

"We all depend on our mobiles so much now that we need to make sure that the charges are fair and transparent," she concluded.

It was announced earlier this month that the Royal College of Nursing and Unite had also joined the TtR campaign.

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