Nokia user recalls Ovi Maps simplicity

28 September 2009 — 9:52 AM

Ovi Maps is available on a host of Nokia devices

Those recycling mobile phones for one of the latest Nokia devices have been reminded to appreciate the technology they have at their fingertips.

One expert has explained this week that the Finnish manufacturer's Ovi Maps system was something he took for granted while travelling around Europe, but since moving to the US this has all changed.

In a piece for Nokia Conversations, Charlie highlighted the ease with which the service can be synchronised with a device and the simplicity of setting up landmarks and other features.

However, poor network coverage and support in the states has left him wishing he still had the kind of Ovi access he had in the past.

"There is no doubting the geeky thrill of being able to see street maps peppered with points of interest or satellite images of your surroundings, all from the palm of your hand and from anywhere you happen to be," Charlie explained.

Last week, Nokia Conversations posted the results of a poll to find how many phones people carry, with the largest group of respondents (42 per cent) stating they use two.

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