Government commences environmental project

8 October 2009 — 10:05 AM

Phil Woolas MP commented on the study

Whether it is recycling your mobile phone or using a bike instead of a car, there are numerous ways people can lower their carbon footprints and help fight climate change.

However, the government yesterday (October 7th) announced the launch of a new project aimed at finding out how the environment will affect the population on a global scale.

The Foresight initiative aims to study how ecological changes and human migration are linked in the long term.

Reduced crop productivity, desertification, higher levels of water shortages are all potential problems the project will investigate.

"Failure to address future changes in the environment may result in substantial movements of people, which will have political consequences in diaspora communities across the world," explained border and immigration minister Phil Woolas.

The Government Office for Science is to undertake the research, which is sponsored by the Home Office and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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