People 'need to know more' about recycling

9 October 2009 — 5:27 PM

Recycling is good for the environment

Recycling mobile phones, office waste and computers has become more common as awareness of climate change grows.

But according to a spokesperson for Waste Watch, the message that recycled material also has a value is not pushed enough to the public.

Although they are aware that it is better for the environment, the fact that many consumers and businesses turn their unwanted goods into other items is not quite so well known.

The representative said there are some great examples on the high street, such as the Cooperative Group, which recycles the waste from its offices and makes it into toilet paper that is then sold.

She added: "That's a great example of company recycling where someone is recycling something which would otherwise go into landfill."

When a mobile phone is sent for recycling, its condition is assessed to see whether it can be reused. If not, certain components are then recycled and some is sent for smelting.

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