50% think individual actions 'can prevent climate change'

9 October 2009 — 1:23 PM

Recycling phones can help the environment

Over 50 per cent of respondents to a recent government poll believe their individual actions can help to stop the harmful effects of climate change.

52 per cent agreed with this statement - and whether they use a bike instead of a car, install solar panels or recycle their phones, every step towards a greener future can make a difference.

However, another 50 per cent said they do not think climate change will affect them, the Department of Energy and Climate Change discovered.

A total of 18 per cent do not think this transition will take place during their children's lifetime, either.

But according to minister for the department Joan Ruddock, climate change is already happening - and could have severe consequences.

"With over 40 per cent of the UK's C02 emissions a result of personal choices, there is huge potential for individual behaviour change to lower emissions [and] save money," she explained.

Recycling mobile phones is one way consumers can do their bit for the planet and ensure technology does not leave an even bigger footprint.

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