iPhone is consumers' dream phone

12 October 2009 — 2:07 PM

Apple iPhone 3GS has been named as dream phone

People considering getting money for old mobile phones to earn cash for a new model might be interested to hear the results of the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards.

The Apple iPhone 3GS won the award for Readers' Dream Phone, thanks to its iconic touch-screen, camera and wealth of applications.

Among the other winners was the Samsung i8910HD won the Best Multimedia Phone accolade, since it was the first mobile to offer high-definition video capabilities. It beat the Sony Ericsson Satio to the top spot.

People more interested in aesthetics may be more inclined towards the LG New Chocolate BL 40, which was named the Most Stylish Phone and described as "as much of a fashion statement as the latest handbag or trendy haircut".

If social networking is a priority, consumers might be more interested in the best in this class, the INQ1, which features integrated Facebook, Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

The Times published a list of the top ten iPhone apps that can save people money, inlcuding bar code reader Red Laser, the Mini Mortgage Manager and Currency, which provides up-to-date exchange rates.

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