Recycling mobile phones 'can cut carbon footprints'

12 October 2009 — 10:18 AM

Recycling mobiles can cut carbon footprints

People hoping to make a difference to the environment and cut their carbon footprints should consider recycling mobile phones

This is according to a recent article in the Guardian, which highlighted the ways in which consumers can reduce their environmental impact.

When electronic items such as mobiles, computers and DVD players are produced, carbon is emitted, the news provider noted.

Furthermore, they are generally made in the Far East, meaning there are transportation issues to consider.

Therefore, mobile recycling is one way to curb the effects, it stated, as well as keeping products for longer and buying fewer handsets overall.

Buying second-hand commodities can also help to reduce their personal impact.

Other tips on cutting carbon included reducing car use, installing a home energy monitor and saving domestic water.

In addition, the news provider said going vegetarian or vegan and buying local food is a way to eat in an energy efficient way.

This comes as a spokesperson from Waste Watch recently stated that recycling mobile phones, office waste and computers has become more popular as awareness of climate change has increased.

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