NBA game 'makes most of iPhone controls'

27 October 2009 — 2:00 PM

The game captures the action of the NBA

Those looking to recycle mobile phones to pay for an Apple iPhone 3G may be interested in a new review.

Pocket Gamer has looked at one of the latest downloadable applications to hit the touchscreen smartphone's gaming platform, noting that it will deliver plenty of fun for fans of basketball.

In NBA Live, players get to choose from all of the 30 teams that feature in the US league and can take part in an exhibition round, a full season or a playoff battle - which could mean there is a setting for every occasion.

"Offence plays like a charm as a result of such a simple control scheme. You're able to easily drive to the net and nail shots, making accurate passes and pump fakes with nuanced presses and flicks of the blue button," the site explained.

It concluded by saying that although there are some alterations it would hope to see in the next instalment of the franchise, NBA Live for the iPhone is "a decent ball game".

Dave Clarke from added that he supports the expansion of mobile phone capabilities in this way.

"This is fantastic news for sports fans," he enthused. "Truly mobile viewing for any sport you choose – I'm keeping my fingers crossed for live football next."

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