Expert calls for action on recycling

30 October 2009 — 5:00 PM

Recycling can be good for energy creation

Consumers recycling mobile phones may welcome one eco expert's recent call for greener practices.

According to Friends of the Earth campaigner, the government's environment committee is right to consider moves that will limit the amount of waste that ends up going to landfill sites.

Spokeswoman Jenny Bates also explained plans to expand anaerobic digestion - a process that turns unwanted items into energy - across London, was one that now needed action.

"To relieve pressure on the world's finite resources and help tackle climate change we should be reusing and recycling as much as possible," she added.

Dave Clarke, online marketing manager for, strongly supports the reduction of landfill-bound waste: "There are very few materials that can’t be recycled anymore," he explained. "Even electrical goods can be taken apart and have their vital components reused - there's just no reason for landfills to keep being filled at the current rate."

It has recently been asserted by the London Assembly Environment Committee that the capital could be recycling its 22 million tonnes of waste each year, as a means to bring power to up to two million homes and heat for a further 625,000.

It was also noted in the same report that new processes could help the city cut CO2 emissions by around 1.2 million tonnes.

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