Do you know how to recycle your mobile phone?

3 November 2009 — 10:02 AM

People might want to find out how they can recycle their mobile phones

Many people cannot bring themselves to part with their old handheld gadget and recycle mobile phones, it has been asserted.

In an article for Recycle, it was noted that individuals around the world try and be environmentally-friendly by disposing of items such as paper, plastic and aluminium in a responsible manner.

However, the website pointed out that the same attitudes do not always apply when it comes to binning mobile phones.

It said that there are a number of reasons to why this might be – including people being unaware that it is an option and others not knowing how to go about doing it.

"Millions of phones around the world sit in desks or drawers unused when they could be recycled and parts can even be re-used," stated the online resource.

Julie Snape, head of marketing for, is well aware of the misunderstanding surrounding mobile phone recycling.

"Everyone knows they can recycle their paper and plastics but many people simply aren't aware that the same is true of mobile phones and other electrical goods,” she explained.

"There are over 80 million unused mobile phones in the UK, which are worth an estimated £1.6 billion. These can all be recycled and reused, which would represent a massive benefit to the environment."

Not only can it be kinder on the planet to recycle mobile phones, but it can also be kind on the pocket as well – as there is often the opportunity to earn cash for sending in an old or unwanted device.

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