Budget-focused LG gets 'impressive keyboard'

4 November 2009 — 5:00 PM

The GW620 is another qwerty option available

A new review could be of interest to those looking to sell mobile phones in favour of a new messaging-focused model.

The LG GW520 is a handset that Cnet's Frank Lewis said clearly does not have the credentials of a smartphone, but is equipped with plenty of facilities that will interest some.

In addition to a slide-out qwerty keyboard and touchscreen, the GW520 is praised for offering Bluetooth and HSDPA support, although Wi-Fi connectivity is not an option.

Call quality was described as rather good and with a £170 pay-as-you-go price tag Mr Lewis pointed out that it could prove an affordable option for many looking at a social networking device.

"The keyboard is one of the GW520's most impressive features. The keys are relatively large and spaced out well, so you don't end up hitting neighbouring buttons when you go to press one," he concluded.

LG unveiled the gadget in May this year.

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