New X10 'could make the most of Facebook'

4 November 2009 — 2:12 PM

The phone follows other models like the X2

Those who earn money by selling old mobile phones may welcome the recent comments of one expert.

According to a spokesman for, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 could well be a device that will be popular with consumers who like social networking and other facilities.

Ernest Doku explained that this is due to the fact the manufacturer has made the gadget the first of its kind to come equipped with the Google Android operating system - which makes the most of options like Facebook.

"The notion of aggregating friend feeds, status updates and favoured media is currently popular within mobile, but none are as cleanly and intuitively presented as on the X10," he added.

Jon Butler, creative brand manager for, is excited to see further developments in the capabilities of mobile phones: "Lots of people use their phones for social networking now," he said.

"But the X10 will make it so much easier. It's great to see this technology being expanded even further – who knows what you'll be able to do from your mobile in ten years time!"

Sony Ericsson announced the launch of the Xperia X10 earlier this week, noting the device would also come with a new user interface that goes by the name of the UX platform.

The handset follows on from the similarly-branded X1 smartphone.

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