Imaging advice for cameraphone shoppers

11 November 2009 — 5:00 PM

The C903 is one of the latest Cyber-shot models

Consumers recycling mobile phones for a new cameraphone may want to take heed of one expert's latest comments.

In a review for the Sony Ericsson C903 this week, PC Advisor said that although branded with the firm's photo-focussed Cyber-shot name, there are others people might want to consider.

"We have seen some good five-megapixel cameras on phones especially those on the Nokia N79 and N86 and the Motorola ZN5," it explained, adding that the model being studied had a snapper that "does not help it fall into that category".

However, the location services of the C903 were praised, as was the dual-LED flash that allows images to be taken even in very low light.

The Sony Ericsson also comes equipped with a 2.4-inch scratch-resistant screen, integrated media player with Bluetooth stereo support and access to Google Maps.

Other previous models in the Cyber-shot series have included the K800i and the C905.

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