Some mobile phone users 'are predisposed to pop'

12 November 2009 — 7:00 PM

Could Nokia's research prompt you to recycle mobile phones and buy music-playing devices?

Research from mobile phone handset manufacturer Nokia has revealed that some people are predisposed to preferring pop music.

The company's gene-based research focuses on the musical tastes of twins - both identical and non-identical.

By comparing how well each pair's musical tastes align, Nokia believes it should be possible to decide whether the 100 per cent genetic match between identical twins is responsible for more of a match.

The findings could surprise some people - as an identical twin is 53 per cent more likely to enjoy pop music if their sibling does.

Owners of handsets without music playback capabilities could be inspired to recycle mobile phones and invest in a new model to find out where their genes fit into the findings.

Nearly 4,000 twins were studied for the research, which also discovered that a love of folk music is just 24 per cent more likely to be apparent due to genetic factors, as opposed to people's upbringing.

For those looking to recycle mobile phones and buy a model with good audio credentials, the Nokia 5730 could be just the thing.

Phil Lattimore of TechRadar this week said that the handset offers "terrific" sound quality during playback.

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