Storm2 combines touch with email options

17 November 2009 — 5:00 PM

The old storm was a Vodafone exclusive

A new device has been tested for the benefit of people looking at a new touchscreen device.

Those recycling mobile phones and torn between a BlackBerry and an iPhone may welcome Flora Graham's latest piece for Cnet - that looks at the former's new Storm2.

As traditionally the brand is known for its secure, professional email and office-based facilities, the expert said Research In Motion had not failed to equip this device with the necessary goods.

However, it was noted that the inclusion of a touchscreen means the full qwerty keyboard usually associated with the BlackBerry is sadly lost.

But this does mean that those looking for both are well provided for here, she added.

"The Storm 2 does a good job of taking everything BlackBerry-flavoured and packing it into a touchscreen handset," Ms Graham concluded.

Research In Motion has a host of options available to those who do require a qwerty keyboard such as the Curve 8900 and the upcoming Bold 9700.

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