Mobile recycling customers tipped on Bold improvements

17 November 2009 — 2:17 PM

The new bold is available free on certain contracts

There are a number of improvements on one of Research In Motion's latest devices that might impress those recycling mobile phones, if a new review is to be believed.

According to a column by gadget and technology news resource T3 this week, the company has put out a BlackBerry that outdoes its predecessors in a few different ways.

It explained that the Bold 9700 is much more compact than the model it replaces but this does not hamper the performance of the full qwerty keyboard.

The site went on to say that the 624 MHz processor is another improvement that makes a significant difference, particularly in performing tasks like flipping through photographs.

It was noted by T3 that the new Bold offers messaging facilities that are "as seamless as ever to set up" and using these is "a pleasant experience too".

This week also saw the Brighthand website put the same model to the test, concluding: "If you can afford it, there are very few reasons not to get the BlackBerry Bold 9700."

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