Orange offer could tempt tweeters to recycle mobile phones

18 November 2009 — 10:10 AM

Twitter is now more widely accessible on some mobiles

Twitter users recycling mobile phones may be more tempted to take the Orange option following the network's latest announcement.

According to the operator, which now counts the Apple iPhone 3G among its range of devices, it is now the first to be able to provide a host of linked services for the micro blogging service.

It explained that a partnership with Twitter will allow handset users to upload and share images on their accounts via MMS, as well as update their status and receive alerts from others for free as part of their tariff.

The site will also now be part of Orange's Social Life service alongside Facebook, MySpace and Bebo.

Mark Watts Jones, head of product management at the network in the UK, said the popularity of Twitter has changed the way people communicate and interact with the world.

"We're delighted to extend the value of the service by bringing it to mobile," he added.

The group also announced a new initiative called People Projects via Facebook this week that encourages people to join in with community volunteering work.

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