Green Manifesto targets mobile sector

19 November 2009 — 5:00 PM

Waste is a big problem that mobile recycling can help solve

New handset shoppers considering mobile recycling may be buoyed by the publication of a new report from the GSM Association (GSMA).

The organisation unveiled its Green Manifesto this week as part of the Mobile Asia Congress, outlining a series of recommendations on how the sector can contribute in the fight against climate change.

It explained that the sector needs to reduce carbon emissions by around 40 per cent by 2020 and aim for neutral growth in the future.

The industry advised that more partnerships need to be formed between manufacturers, vendors and others in the field to make sure energy consumption levels on typical handsets are cut by 40 per cent before the same date.

Finally, it was noted that these collaborations should also involve life cycle emissions of related equipment and components are also reduced by 40 per cent.

Rob Conway, chief executive officer and board member of the GSMA, said: "With the right public policies in place, the mobile industry can make a major contribution in the fight against global warming."

Consumers were also reminded this week by the Recombu website that mobile recycling was something not to be forgotten when a handset upgrade arrives.

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