Nokia boosts chat options with Windows Live Messenger

20 November 2009 — 2:00 PM

The E72 will come equipped with the feature

Those seeking money for old mobile phones may want to consider using the cash to buy a new Nokia if they like to chat.

This is because the Finnish manufacturer has this week highlighted the new levels of access its users have to the Windows Live Messenger service through its various enabled handsets.

It was noted in a piece for the company's Nokia Press Bulletin Board that the product is one of the most popular of its kind all over the world and has now been linked to its Messaging Chat application.

According to the group this means "people worldwide can have multiple conversations simultaneously, change their status and personal messages, and manage their Windows Live buddy lists straight from their homescreen".

Consumers recycling mobile phones might also be interested to learn that the first model to come fully equipped for the changes is the Nokia E72, while those who buy an E63, E71 or E75 can simply download an update that will allow them to get involved.

This week, the photographic capabilities of the N95 were showcased in a feature for Nokia Conversations that showed images snapped with the device from around the globe.

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