Spotify on 3 Mobile: Unlikely to topple Apple

23 November 2009 — 5:00 PM

Spotify arrived on 3 Mobile recently on the HTC Hero

If one expert is to be believed, the Apple iPhone 3G could be a more popular choice than the HTC Hero with people recycling mobile phones.

This is because the former offers access to the iTunes store, whereas the latter has recently been launched on 3 Mobile with access to the Spotify audio solution.

Jonathan Shingler, research analyst at GfK Technology, explained where Apple has succeeded in taking a large part of the market share is in its ability to provide robust web facilities.

However, although Spotify was unlikely to topple iTunes as a digital content provider, the expert noted the software does offer a direct facility that is doing very well.

"It provides a unique take on streaming in that it lets you access the song of your choice, whereas iTunes only provides 30-second clips or podcasts, which do not give you the flexibility," he said.

Spotify Premium is available now on a dedicated 3 Mobile tariff that features the HTC Hero.

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