Twitter 'is changing mobile communication'

23 November 2009 — 2:04 PM

Twitter is now more widely accessible on some mobiles

One expert has suggested Twitter is opening up the world to more methods of communication.

Consumers recycling mobile phones for a device that is designed with the micro-blogging site in mind - such as the INQ Mini 3G - may be buoyed by the comments.

Speaking at Social Media – A Force For Good? On November 19th, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said the service was being used for everything from organising meetings to more casual interactions.

"I was at the headquarters of Al Jazeera and they were saying to me that Twitter was going crazy and they were using it all the time to source news and organise stories," he added.

A recent study from InSites Consulting showed the average user of the site to be male and in either their late 20s or early 30s.

It was also noted that people in the IT, media, advertising, or the consulting sector are all likely to have accounts.

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