Wannabe Skywalkers 'will love new iPhone game'

25 November 2009 — 5:00 PM

Wannabe Jedi's can now take on the Sith lord with their iPhone

Fans of Star Wars might want to sell used mobile phones for an Apple device after hearing the comments featured in a new game review.

According to Liam Cassidy of theAppleBlog, the latest title to draw on the mythology of George Lucas' sci-fi universe has been a long time coming - but may just have been worth it.

He explained that Star Wars: Trench Run takes a number of elements from the original 1977 film Episode IV: A New Hope and is based mainly on the closing scenes that involve the X-Wing fighter attack on the Death Star.

Mr Cassidy noted the accelerometer feature of the iPhone is used "to great effect" here and the overall tilt-control experience is well-executed.

"If you love Star Wars, this is a game you should own," the writer concluded. "Go buy it – and may the force be with you."

Other titles available for the Apple iPhone 3G that are based on the Lucasfilm's space saga include Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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