BlackBerry sightings could inspire star-studded upgrade

26 November 2009 — 2:05 PM

Timberlake was spotted BlackBerry in hand

Consumers recycling mobile phones for something with a little star quality may be buoyed by one website this week.

According to Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings, there are a number of A-listers that have been photographed out and about with their Research In Motion (RIM) device in hand.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker was seen emerging from a store with a bag of crisps and a BlackBerry Bold, while pop icon Justin Timberlake was also featured with his smartphone on the website.

Elsewhere, Disney actress and singer Miley Cyrus - known to many as Hannah Montana - was seen with her device in a colourful case and Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Patel was also revealed as a RIM user.

Other famous faces that appeared on the portal were Katy Perry, Balthazar Getty, Halle Berry, Britney Snow and heavily pregnant Greys Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo.

"While pregnant Ellen forgot to button her pants," the site commented, "she sure didn't forget her BlackBerry."

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