New Palm device goes 'slimmer and simpler'

26 November 2009 — 2:03 PM

The Pre is on O2 now

A new handset has been launched that may tempt those recycling mobile phones for a new, simple gadget, if one reviewer is to be believed.

In an article for TechRadar this week, one expert looked at the Palm Pixi and noted that it features many of the traits of the Pre - the device that came before it and was launched on O2 this year.

The site explained there are a number of omissions from the new model like Wi-Fi connectivity, but this adds to the simplified nature of a handset more aimed towards the entry-level market.

In addition, it is noted that Pixi is equipped with a full qwerty keyboard - just like its more technically advanced sibling - and utilises an enhanced version of the Web OS software.

This, the site added, "works almost exactly like the Palm Pre in terms of the touch interface".

However, the older device is available now for free on selected O2 tariffs, while the Pixie has yet to receive a UK release.

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