Star Wars mobile game that 'tests the mind'

26 November 2009 — 10:04 AM

do you have a Jedi-like mind?

Gamers who have received money for old mobile phones may welcome the fusion of two types of playable download.

In an article for Pocket Gamer this week, Spanner Spencer put Jedi Mind Tricks to the test and noted that it has more in common with puzzle games like Bejewelled than other releases based around the Star Wars franchise.

Tested on a Nokia N81 8GB, he explained that in place of X-Wing fighters and lightsabers, players will find a game board where they will need to switch tiles around to complete a series of "immensely challenging" levels.

It was added that while this may not be typical fanboy title from George Lucas' blockbuster series, it is actually a welcome change.

"This isn't your usual daffodil-weak, micro-managed pseudo-fighter Star Wars fare, but a match-three puzzle game with a bit of strategy thrown in for good measure," Mr Spencer concluded.

Jon Butler, creative brand manager at, commented: "This is fantastic news for Star Wars fans and gamers alike. No more making up excuses for staying in front of the television all day – what better reason for playing computer games than exercising your brain?!"

Apple iPhone 3G users looking for something more typical from the franchise may be more interested in a new release that is based on the climax to the original 1977 movie.

Star Wars: Trench Run features the X-Wing fighter attack on the Death Star as its main thread.

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