Tesco iPhone 'will boost competition'

27 November 2009 — 4:55 PM

Tesco is going to stock the iPhone

By becoming more readily available on a series of contracts, the Apple iPhone 3G might be about to become better value.

This is the assertion of one industry commentator following the recent announcement that Tesco Mobile will become the latest operator to carry the touchscreen smartphone.

According to Stuff Magazine editor Fraser MacDonald, the fact that the iPhone is no longer exclusive to the O2 network in the UK means that the market could get more competitive.

"The iPhone is in a transitional stage anyway after losing its exclusivity with O2 – becoming available on other networks," he added.

However, the expert concluded: "All that will happen is that networks will be in direct competition for features and services."

Tesco Mobile announced on November 24th that it would sell the smartphone in its stores as part of a joint venture with O2. The device was launched on Orange earlier this month.

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