New LG is now 'cool and affordable'

27 November 2009 — 4:54 PM

The LG Pop is available now

LG has launched a "cool little touchphone" that might appeal to those involved in recycling mobile phones, if one expert is to be believed.

In a piece for this week, it was noted the LG GD510 Pop follows other models in the manufacturer's range that are affordable and come equipped with such technology.

Previously, the site explained that the company had enjoyed success with the GD500 Cookie - a model which has the same type of consumer in mind.

It went on to say that the GD510 could easily be seen as a pre-Christmas successor to this handset, particularly as it comes on pay-as-you-go (PAYG) with a price tag of under £100.

"The Pop is also in tune with today's social networking mania," the review added, "providing a homescreen widget to speedily access Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts."

LG announced on November 5th that the device would be made available across the UK on PAYG via selected retailers.

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