Mobile recycling and other green ideas revealed

1 December 2009 — 10:02 AM

Air drying laundry is just one greener, cheaper option

Recycling mobile phones is not the only thing people will do to improve their green credentials, a new report has revealed.

Published by, the study looked at the myriad ways in which consumers will go that extra mile to ensure they are being kinder to the planet - with some solutions a little more extreme than others.

At the top of the chart was sharing a shower and this was followed up by airing out underwear as opposed to tumble drying it. Turning these items inside out for extended use came in at number three and sharing bath water was fourth.

Next up was reusing tea bags and making use of newspaper as gift wrap was selected as a sixth-place entry. Using dirty socks as hankies and recycling old mobile phones came next.

This left the reuse of old knickers as dusters to round out the top ten alongside peeing in the shower.

Julie Snape, head of marketing at, commented: "Greening-up your lifestyle can seem like a very daunting undertaking. We were curious to see what … our customers had come up with. The results have been eye-opening!"

Of course, many people find that trading in mobile phones for cash is a simple way to ensure the harmful substances found in such devices are not committed to landfill.

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